Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our luxurious spa skin treatments, designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin for a radiant, youthful complexion.

Hawaiian Healing and Regenerating Facial

This holistic healing facial, using Honua products, that will gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin using the ancient healing properties found in the native plants and oceans of the Hawaiian Islands. Hibiscus, Blue Seaweed extract and Papaya to name a few. Combining this and a unique blend of facial massage modalities will release deep tension and increase the flow of oxygen. This facial will leave you completely relaxed and refreshed. Feel the Aloha…

GUA SHA Lifting Facial

Restore your skin’s appearance with this next level facial therapy, Gua Sha. It is performed using a jade stone that gently massages the face for the free flow of blood, oxygen, lymph and nutrients that nourish your skins tissues.You’ll experience a softening of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction in inflammation, dark circles, puffy eyes and a overall brighter, more radiant complexion.


Green Tea Red Light Facial

This facial includes face, neck, chest and hands and targets collagen production and cell rejuvenation using medical grade Red Light Technology and the antioxidant powers of Green Tea. It reactivates your skins natural healing powers, reduces inflammation, improves circulation and even promotes hair growth.


Back Facial

This warming and purifying back-cial is a relaxing back facial. Using the Katari Mediterranean Mineral Clay it will help with blemishes and ingrown hairs and leave the skin clean, clear and soft.



Experience the benefits of medical-grade spa treatments with our advanced services, designed to address specific skin concerns and improve overall skin health.

Image MAX Medical Facial

This facial deeply moisturizes, heals and brightens with Image Max Stem Cell products with Vector Technology. The molecules in the products are very small and penetrate deeper for amazing results. The Stem Cells activate the natural skin renewal process for your skin and antioxidants prevent future cell damage. This facial will give you maximum renewing results.



Lightening Lift Peel and Facial

Starting with a double cleanse, facial and neck massage, this peel will tighten and brighten skin. Followed by a Balancing mask your skin will look glowing, bright and dewy.


Microneedling/Dry needling with Hyaluronic Acid

Collagen Induction Therapy-Using the microneedling pen, tiny wounds are created in the skin to promote the body’s own healing and collagen production. It doesn’t hurt as there is prenumbing before starting. It combats all kinds of skin issues from wrinkles to age spots. This treatment is the most popular anti-aging because of the amazing results . Skin will be lifted, texture improved and environmental damage repaired.


Dermaplane + Hydration Mask

Using a medical grade scalpel dead skin and peach fuzz are removed revealing smooth, bright and soft skin. The best way to follow a dermaplane is with a medical deep hydration mask. Make-up glides on. Great pre-event treatment!


Micro-needling/ Dry Needling Face with Neck and Chest


Chemical Peel

Remove dead skin and increase cell turnover and reveal fresh dewy skin. This chemical treatment resurfaces the skin by using Alpa Hydroxy Acids. This stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines, fights acne and scarring and brightens pigmentation. A series of 3 peels is recommended for maximum results.

Starting at $100.00

Chemical Peel Add-On Neck, Chest and Hands

Add neck, chest and hands areas to your Chemical Peel


Perfection Peel

This Level 3 Peel will resurface your skin to reveal fresh, brighter and softer skin. This is our strongest peel and has great results.



Say goodbye to your daily makeup routine and hello to gorgeous, natural-looking permanent makeup that accentuates your features and saves you time and effort every day!

Blade and Shade/Combo

A combination techniques including powder and nano brows techniques.


Powder/Ombré Brows

A softer look of a tattoo brow using a pixelating technique.


Lash-line Enhancement

More subtle than eyeliner the line is placed between the lashes on the lash line itself

Top Eyeliner

Tattoo eyeliner on the top lid

Top and bottom eyeliner


Nano Eyebrows

Soft hair strokes create a natural looking brow


Microblading touchup 1 year

Touch up for Microblading/Ombré Brows


Microblading 2 year + touch up


Soft Lip Blush


Full Face Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner, Brows and Lip Blush

Permanent Makeup Touch-Up 4-8 weeks

Touch up after initial procedure within 4-8 weeks

Permanent Makeup Touchup 2-5 months


Permanent Make-up Touch up 6-10 months

Touch ups for eyeliner or brows after 6 to 11 months.


Enhance your natural beauty with our luxurious lash and brow services. They will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

Eyelash Tinting


Lash Lift and Tint

Have lush lashes without using lash extensions. Lashes are curled using a mild perm solution and will appear longer and thicker. Then they are tinted black and will have the look of mascara. This is a great alternative to lash extensions. The lash lift can last up to 8 weeks. The tint lasts around 10 days.

Lash and Brow Tint

Lashes and Brows are tinted


Brow Henna

Using Henna on the brows tints them and puts color on the skin for a perfect brow look and lasts longer than regular tinting.

Brow Lamination

The brow lamination treatment is a lifting and straightening process. The product applied creates a chemical reaction on the hair lifting them up. The brow is then carefully shaped and tinted to create the most full and natural-looking finish. This procedure takes around 30-40 minutes Brow lamination typically lasts 4-6 weeks depending on individual aftercare


Get silky smooth skin with our professional waxing services where we use the best quality wax for a comfortable, long-lasting result.

Waxing – Brow Shaping

Wax and Shape Brow area

Waxing – Chin or lip

Waxing the chin or lip area

Brow wax shape and tint